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Basilica Press Center

The BASILICA Press Center
The Message of Faith through Modern Communications Means

It was founded upon the initiative and with the blessing of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, on Oct. 27 2007. The BASILICA Press Center of the Romanian Patriarchate is headquartered in Bucharest and includes five components:

  1. Radio TRINITAS

  2. The TRINITAS TV station

  3. A set of three publications:

    • the daily Ziarul Lumina (The Light)

    • the weekly Lumina de Duminică (The Sunday Light)

    • the monthly Vestitorul Ortodoxiei (Messenger of the Orthodoxy)

  4. The BASILICA Press Center
  5. The Press Bureau.

The objectives of the BASILICA Press Center are as follows:
a) To develop an active relationship and a fruitful collaboration between the clergy and faithful, between Church and society.
b) To present to the society the Romanian Orthodox Church’s institutions, activities and attitudes, with an opening towards dialogue and cooperation.
c) To cultivate the values of Christian morals and to promote cultural and educational activities within the society, as well as to support the development of communities.
d) To disseminate in the media information about social-philanthropic and cultural-missionary campaigns.
e) To promote objectivity and to uphold principles of journalism deontology in narrating events and presenting people and institutions.
f) To establish partnerships with press, culture and education institutions in Romania and abroad
g) To encourage the dialogue between Christian faith and philosophy, science, arts and other areas in which the human spirit, creator of perennial values, manifests itself.
(Art. #5 of The Bylaw of The BASILICA Press Center)

Address: 25 Dealul Mitropoliei Alley, 4th Sector, Zip 040173 Bucureşti, România,
Phone / fax 0040 21 4067197
E-mail:,; website:

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